Arizona attorney general: ‘CBP doesn’t need to be PC, it needs to be professional’

Members of Congress are taking aim at the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security John Kelly over his choice for the next head of Customs and Border Protection.

In a letter to Congress, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich criticized the department’s “politically correct” choices for CBP commissioner, which include a woman, which Democrats view as an early move to help Kelly combat allegations of racism from some of his staff members.

“You need to avoid placing someone who is already in this position at the helm of CBP to fail to oversee your current department,” Brnovich said in the letter. “It is absolutely imperative that you find someone with the appropriate resume to lead CBP who is not a political appointee and who is not seen as a pandering move to counter the racial diversity criticisms made by certain members of Congress.”

On Monday, Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., along with several other members of Congress, sent a letter to President Trump accusing him of deliberately choosing “safe and liberal” candidates for political gain.

While Kelly is black, Sessions is white. Kelly is a Republican, while Sessions is a Republican. Kelly is a male, while Sessions is a male. Kelly is a Republican, while Sessions is a Republican.

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