Car seen drifting over edge of Niagara Falls into American Falls

Authorities say they don’t know if tourist, 56, of Vancouver drowned but cause of death may be inside of SUV

A car has washed up on the edge of the edge of the Niagara Falls and the driver of the vehicle has been found dead, according to the New York state police.

The accident happened early on Monday when the vehicle was seen drifting down the Niagara River and into the American Falls, according to the Guardian.

It is unknown if the passenger was found dead.

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Paramedics performed CPR on the woman. She was transported to the nearby Chautauqua Medical Center in Jamestown, where she was pronounced dead.

It’s unclear if the car was on the brink of the American Falls and it was unclear if the car fell into the American or Canadian falls.

Wyoming state police advise that people “drive along the guard rails of the bridge instead of driving across the span and into the water”.

The US senator from Washington, Maria Cantwell, said that she is working with the Department of Transportation on reviewing the amount of visual and audible warnings people can hear before they enter the water and “start the slow descent”.

“This horrific event, while it could have been prevented, reminds us that this beautiful natural wonder can also be deadly,” Cantwell said in a statement.

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