Two tennis stars make new friends — 2 weeks apart — after losing their wedding rings

Few sports stars find themselves embroiled in dramas like Anthony Weiner when they leave marriage, but as far as Andy Murray goes, the experience was pretty much like his recent example of a misplaced hockey stick — a misplaced hockey stick of real gold.

Murray happened to find a lost wedding ring at the end of his doubles match at the Houston Open on Thursday.

Help! Andy Murray found this wedding ring while playing on #TexAustin ! Sending love to the lucky lady! — Houston Tennis (@HoustonTennis) April 6, 2017

Funny story – Andy Murray found a wedding ring at the end of his match in Houston. Lovely — TennisJunkie (@TennisJunkie) April 6, 2017

As tennis fans learned, the ring had been lost the day before in the Australian Open.

Thank you very much @andy_murray!! Huge congrats to Emily and I! — Emily Pirelli (@EmilyPCirelli) February 19, 2017

Thank you so much. It was beautiful on your finger and absolutely fine on mine! @andy_murray — Emily Pirelli (@EmilyPCirelli) February 19, 2017

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